About Heather

Heather Monks is a still life and product photographer who focuses primarily in food and botanicals in her personal work but e-commerce and product in her in professional work. She creates engaging and satisfying images that incite many of the senses. Monks currently works at Products on White as a staff photographer doing high-end e-commerce photography. As a recent Commercial Photography graduate from Columbia College Chicago, Heather is skilled in current digital technologies, lighting, retouching, and compositing. She hopes to continue to follow her field in still life advertising working as a retoucher.

Contact: heather.monks@mac.com


2019 Columbia Chairman's Award

2019 Group show at Columbia's Hokin Honors

2019 Group show in Too Tired Project

2018 Flores et Lumen at C33 Gallery

2018 Ft. in Beauty by F Stop Magazine

2018 NYC - Advertising Agencies Trip

2017 Doppelgänger hung at Columbia

2015 National Gold Scholastics Award

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