Behind the Artist

Heather Monks is currently a Senior Commercial Photography Major at Columbia College Chicago and plans to graduate May of 2019. Photography has been her passion for nearly six years, and continues to be her driving force. Monks is currently finding the beauty in the natural world and working on communicating that beauty to the public. 

When not freelancing, shooting for Mariano’s Fresh Market, or assisting at school, Monks practices her product and still life photography. Focusing primarily on food and still life photography, Monks also incorporates natural elements in her personal fine art projects. Outside of photography, Monks strives to learn and engage with the world around her as much as possible, and traveling is a large passion of hers.


Mariano's Fresh 

YMCA of the Rockies


2018  Flores et Lumen at C33 Gallery

2018 Ft. in Beauty by F Stop Magazine

2018 NYC - Advertising Agencies Trip

2017 Doppelgänger hung at Columbia

2015 National Gold Scholastics Award

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